FAILURE IN PRAYER—26 Reasons Why Prayers Fail

To help you remember these 26 points, I have categorized them alphabetically–A to Z.

Authority – Prayers fail when we don’t pray with authority. 

BurdenPrayers fail when we do not allow ourselves to be burdened with prayer needs. 

Confidence – Prayers fail when we don’t have confidence in God

Desire – We don’t desire Him.  

Earnestness – We don’t pray with earnestness. 

Fasting – We refuse to fast. 

God’s way – We don’t pray God’s way. 

Holy Spirit – We don’t pray in the Holy Spirit. 

Importunity – We don’t pray with importunity. 

Jesus Name – We do not pray in Jesus Name. 

Kneeling – We have not prayed using the appropriate prayer posture.  

Length of prayer – we aren’t willing to pray long enough. 

Motives – We pray with wrong motives. 

Needs – We don’t see the real needs. 

Obedience – We do not obey God. 

Praise – We don’t give God His due adoration. 

Quiet Time – We don’t have a regular quiet time. 

Rest – We aren’t resting in His promises and believing in Him. 

Specific prayer – We don’t pray specifically

Teachings on Prayer – We do not let the Bible teach us how to pray. 

Unity – We lack unity. 

Vigilance – We are not vigilant in prayer. 

Word – We don’t pray according to the Bible. 

Xanadu – We have not found quiet places to pray.

Yielding –We do not yield ourselves to God. 

Zenith – Our prayers are not focused. 

So here are the reasons I have come up with as to why we fail in prayer.  I sincerely believe that if you take all these things to heart, and likewise apply the opposite principles of success, your prayers will not fail.  


About Stephen Nielsen

I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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