Trusting God for Daily Provisions and Not Worrying About Tomorrow – Exodus 16


The Collecting of Manna In the Wilderness

The Lord provided daily food for Israel in the wilderness: meat (quail) in the evening and sweet manna in the morning.  They were not to gather extra and save the bread or quail, they were to gather it just for that day and not worry about the next day.  But on the sixth day (our Saturday) God provided double the food and they were to gather also for the next day so they wouldn’t have to gather on their day of rest (our Sunday).  So the Lord provided for them every day in the wilderness. 

This is what actually happened for Israel, but I believe it also an illustration for us of how God provides.  If we will trust Him He will provide for us each day and we should not worry about tomorrow.  In Matthew 6 we have this teaching from the Lord Jesus.  In verse 11 we are instructed to pray to the Father for our daily bread.  This means that we are to trust God in prayer that He will provide for us enough for each day and that we are not to worry about the next day, because on the next day God will give us food for that day too.  And so it will go on and on every day.  And the hard part is not for God to provide for us for each day; it is rather for us to pray and believe Him for each day.  But as Christians that is what we are to do; and along with believing we are to be busy doing His will.  And here is God’s wonderful promise to us: 

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things [all the things we need for this life] shall be added to you (Matt. 6:33). 

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