It Is the Lord’s Will and According to His Nature to Beautify Your Home – Exodus 25-26

 While Reading in the book of Exodus in the Bible about all the plans and instructions God gave Moses for the tabernacle and its furnishings, I was impressed by all the detail and the beauty that would go into it.  I was particularity impressed by how the linen sheets for the tent coverings were to be decorated.  They were “to be decorated with blue, purple and scarlet yarn, with figures of cherubim skillfully embroidered into them” (Ex. 26:1, NLT).

 Now someone (like me) may ask, “Why?  Why all the bother?  It’s just a tent!  A tent in the middle of the desert.”  Well, the answer to that is that though it was just a tent, it was God’s tent and God’s home.  And God loves beauty.  He is a God of beauty. 

And He has made us in His image.  So we should love beautiful things too.  If we don’t, I think we are just lazy and don’t care; and we are not following His plan and direction in our life.  I think if we really were sensitive to God’s will in regard to our homes, we would do all that was in our power to beautifully decorate them—for ourselves and for Him.

What are some beautiful things that you like?  How have you beautified your home?


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1 Response to It Is the Lord’s Will and According to His Nature to Beautify Your Home – Exodus 25-26

  1. Kathleen Sanzone says:

    The problem with beautifying your home is the money spent that could be used to assist your family in Christ. That is something that can’t be burned up. “Things” are temporary.

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