How to Begin To Have a Godlier Lifestyle – 8 Ways

I’ve been thinking about what I do with my time.  I go to work, eat meals, sleep, go to church, attend Bible study groups—those things are all good.  But what disturbs me is what I do with the time I use to relax—my own time.  Okay some things are good, but some things are not so good.  I spend far too much time watching TV. 

But it’s not only too much TV watching that’s bad.  It’s a lot of things.  I think I (we) have a lifestyle that is constantly seeking self pleasure, a lifestyle that seeks to escape responsibility and work.  This is what it looks like, at least for me:  I watch TV; I feel hungry so I eat a snack; I watch more TV; I eat more; I think about doing something else more exciting, so I go to the computer: play a game, check my e-mail, look at facebook; I get bored, then I think, ah, I’ve got it, I’ll watch a movie.

And you know, this isn’t just me.  When I go visit a friend or a relative I discover that they do the same thing.  They have the same free-time-lifestyle that I do.  I guess this TV watching, snacking, computer gazing activity is pretty much the same all over.  I wonder how far this lifestyle extends?


Here are 8 things I thought of that we can do to help change our lifestyle for the better—to give us a Godlier lifestyle:


1. Identify your idols.  All the activities in our life that keep us from doing what God has called us to do I think are our idols.  They are the things that take up our free time, the things that are addicting, that we can’t stop doing, that our flesh seems to crave.  I think for most of us TV is a big Idol, and the computer; or it could be generally materialism.  Maybe you are obsessed with always having to buy the latest fashions.  Whatever it is, identify those things which makes up your lifestyle, that keeps you from having a Godly lifestyle, and look to find ways to change. 

2.  Look for others that have the same concerns.  If you desire a Godlier lifestyle, I’m not sure you can do it alone—at least adequately.  I think it would help to do this as a group or at least with one other person.  However, if you can’t find anyone else, just move ahead on your own and trust that God will give you a partner down the road.  I’m now blogging this, so I’m hoping to find others in the blogosphere with the same desire I have.

3.  Study the history of your idols.  One of my big idols is the TV.  I think I’m going to Google the history of TV to see why people wanted it, and why people were against it—to try to understand the nature of it, to understand why it has worked so powerfully for evil in this world. 

4.  Search the Bible to find what God says a Godly lifestyle is; to try to get a clear picture of it; to lay out some principles. 

5.  Look at the history of people groups in this country and in other countries before people had TV and all the other things that make up our modern lifestyle, to see what their lifestyle was like, to see if we can learn anything.  Perhaps it would be good to cut out some of our modern ways of life—for the sake of having a more godly life. 

6.  Read about and visit other countries with different cultures.  Look to see if they have a better, godlier lifestyle. 

7.  Make lists of what you can change and what you intend to change.  One list would be of things to discontinue in your life.  Another list would be of good things to start doing.  You may also want to list all the things that are good in your life—that don’t need changing. 

8.  Decide how to share your findings.  Change happens a lot quicker I think when we share our discoveries.  When you discover what a godly lifestyle is and you have written down some things that you intend to change in your life, sharing those things may empower you to carry it out.  I like to blog, so maybe I will share my findings in a blog post. Or you could share what you have found in your small group.


I sincerely hope and pray that we all will find the lifestyle that God intends for us.

About Stephen Nielsen

I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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