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  1. Isaac Asante says:

    Please man of God I am in Africa and I wanna take you as my spiritual father!
    I wanna love prayer like never before!

  2. Isaac,
    I’m glad you have found this blog site. I pray the Lord will bless you with all the words He gives me for you. And I pray that He will keep you close to Him and in His will. And that you, Isaac, will be a blessing to others around you there in Africa.
    God’s love and blessings to you now and always,

  3. Pastor Sanjay Masih says:

    Thank you for the teaching about how the Holy Spirit help us and teach us how to pray, many people will be blessed by reading…

  4. vmagembe says:

    Hi Stephen, thank you for joining us in prayer for our nation America, we are going to be holding a United States come back to God conference on 01/23-01/25/15. Our theme is repentance as we unite as the body of Christ through prayer, fasting, worshiping in spirit and truth with a repentative heart. Fervently crying out to God to save this nation for generations to come. Remember us in your prayers. Join us and if the holy spirit reveals anything to you let me know..
    Thank you Stephen

  5. angeline almeida says:

    Hi stephen god bless you always for your work and teaching it has helped so many as an inspiration Pray for syria and the christians that are being persecuted. I am from india and i want to know if jeus is god why does he allow christians to be persecuted who worship the one and only god why cant he crush the enemy the satan and all the false gods and all the people who want to destroy the church and the christians as jesus is the creator and powerful than anyone else. why have the christians only have to suffer when they always forgive and forget? why cant people of other faith suffer? why dont god punish those who persecute the christians who burn their houses who rape the nuns why does god not punish these evil people and all good people have to suffer

    • Good questions. These are questions that have been asked for a long time. My answer is: Why don’t you ask God? He knows better than me. I ask Him these questions myself. Sometimes I suffer and then I ask Him why, but I also ask Him to bring me comfort, and He always does. My friend, if you are concerned about the suffering in the world, the best thing you can do is pray and ask God to give those Christians comfort and strength. As for those persecutors, they will have their day in court with God, and they will be punished for every evil deed.

      • Deborah says:

        Good one Stephen. But I want to add that… Jesus said that you have to carry your cross to follow Him. This could be their cross. A time will come when the persecution of Christians will be greater but the Bible says count it all joy when you are persecuted for my sake because you know what A crown of life, glory is waiting for them. Someone once asked in a meeting.. Why do Christians die anyhow and I wondered … is it how long you live on earth or where you spend your eternity? Think of this yourself. What is most important is your place of eternity which is either heaven or hell. God is never happy with the manner Christians are dying because of their faith but He awaits the time He would reward them for their service. And mind you, not all services to God will be accepted after been tested by 🔥 fire on that day. So pray you are not persecuted or serving God in vain. God is no respecter of any person.
        About the church, where is the church today? We have given the devil room to prevail in the church. Pastors no longer preach the truth which is holiness, righteousness, restitution and true repentance but faith, grace, prosperity, leadership etc. Only few genuine ministers do. No wonder judgment will start from the church. Followers have to be careful of what they listen to. Test all spirits and teachings.
        God await patiently true repentance of sinners no matter the gravity of their sins. He is plentious in mercy and slow to judgement. Regardless of this, God cannot be mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth so shall he reap. All you need to do as a person is to stay in Him, obey all His commandments both in His word and what He tells you. What will it profit a man to accumulate wealth, fame, power, etc and be cast out of His presence that day. Why not put aside worldly ambitions, pleasures and build up your treasures in heaven. We are in the injury time. Christ is coming soon without notice. What will be your persecution? Will He find you worthy?

  6. forestmtnhike says:

    Hi Stephen, I recently sent you an email on the email you provided above. I hope all is well. Grace, joy, and peace to you. Rose from forestmtnhike

  7. zemenblog says:

    Dear Stephen,
    Thank you for your teachings on prayer in your website. Would you mind sharing me your thighs in regarding of training opportunity in Ethiopia? We can work on this issues if you have the interest to train people, those who cannot read and understand English literature.

  8. Jim Campbell says:

    Thank God he lead me here, I have been struggling with certain aspects of prayer but you have address them here, God bless you brother, I,m retired and pray a lot, I still have some questions for you, I want to become a stronger prayer warrior then I am !!! Again thanks God bless!!

    • I will keep you in my prayer Jim. I have a lot of questions too and so we can grow together.

      • Jim Campbell says:

        Thanks Stephen, I have questions concerning how long should you keep praying for folks, I have a list of around 300 plus and keeps growing daily, should you ever remove there names??? I love the way Christ has used me in this ministry and I truly believe he lead me here for answers, I pray we can help each other!!! Thanks God bless you !!!

      • I think every person is different as to how they approach prayer, and God has gifted them differently. Some, like you, will pray for a lot of people. Others will pray for just a few, but they will pray for issues that they are concerned over.
        As far as removing names, I have no problem with that. Just ask God what you should do. He will direct you in who to pray for and what to pray.

  9. Jim Campbell says:

    Thanks for the info, Whats your thoughts as far as updating the list, some folks seem putout when I check on there condition, Shouldn’t I keep up with things or just leave in Gods hands? Got to tell ya this is a real blessings to be able to talk to you on these matters . Thanks again Jim

  10. Vee says:

    Thank you for your post on blessings of obedience.

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