Colon Cleansing: Important for Good Health

Stephen Nielsen

Today I will begin to write about what I have learned over the years on how to maintain good health. And I think I will start in this blog with talking about my colon. I have heard—and I believe it—that most of the health problems people have begin in the colon. That makes sense to me. A clean colon makes for a healthy body.

For about 35 years now, every morning, I have used a colon cleanser. Very simply, I just mix a heaping teaspoon of psyllium husk in a tall glass of water, and I drink it the first thing in the morning before breakfast (you must take it before you eat). In addition, I also eat unsalted sunflower nuts all during the day. The combination of those things really does it for me. It keeps me going regularly and keeps my pluming (colon) clean. I told my doctor…

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My Church Life

Stephen Nielsen

I don’t remember much in regard to church during my younger years. Our family moved a lot, so nothing was too stable. The highlight during those years was when I was saved at a Free Church camp. That must mean that we were attending a Free Church. I remember every detail about the day I was saved, but nothing about church.

A couple years later, when I was about 15, I slightly remember the Presbyterian church. What I like most about that church was being on the church basketball team. I think it was also during that time that I got involved with a para-church group called Campus Crusade for Christ—their Junior High ministry. That wasn’t exactly church, but to me it was much better than church. It was a fun club with a lot of fun activities. And we also did Bible studies and invited inspiring speakers to…

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My Work: House Painting

Stephen Nielsen

This is my work truck. I had a small painting job at this location.

My work. It’s been a while since I had work. But I’m retired. I started a house painting business in 1981. At the beginning it was just me and one employee—a good friend. We had no contacts so I had to advertise. I put adds in the local newspaper, and I also made small, half-sheet fliers to distribute. Sometimes I distributed them by hand, door-to-door, with help from nieces and nephews. Other times I paid to have them delivered as an insert. That kept us busy, just busy enough.

The summers were good, but the winters were spars. After the first couple years I hired more help. That was fun during the summer time, but during the winter months I had to lay them off. There was just not enough work. So in the spring time…

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Help for The Sexually Abused

Stephen Nielsen

When I was about 14 years old I was sexually abused by a teacher.  I won’t go into it, but it happened 3 or 4 times and it has had a very disturbing and harmful effect on my life. I know that many have been abused (and raped) much more than me, and my devastation is small compared to theirs. I can imagine the pain and bitterness and anger they feel, and how they have cried out to God and found no help. I know that there are many young girls and boys who have gone through much—much more than me. And we should pray for a them that God will hear their cries. 

The Outcry to the Lord against Sodom and Gomorrah

When Abraham was called by the Lord to go into the land of Israel, he brought with him Sarah his wife and his nephew Lot. And, as…

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My Singleness: A Gift from God

Stephen Nielsen

After my devastating divorce, I soon began to consider dating. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe just filling a lonely gap, or maybe I was seeking the thrill of meeting someone, or being with a woman in a romantic way. It’s been thirty years, but I sort of remember going on line. Yes, it was a Christian dating site, and they had you answer all kinds of questions to match you up with someone. I remember getting 3 or 4 dates out of it. But I didn’t date anyone more than a couple times. Truthfully, I wasn’t interested in getting married; I just wanted a fun date—or whatever. I always tried to be honest with my date, and when I would tell them that I had no interest in marriage, that seemed to turn them off. And I can understand why. They were seeking a mate, and I…

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The Results of Praying with Importunity


The one obvious result, of course, will be that we will see more answers to prayer, and we will experience the great joy in the Lord that follows (Jn. 16:24).  But there are also other results.  Here are three things that I can think of:


Importune Prayer will become Easier

The more you pray with importunity, the easier it will be to continue to pray with importunity. Not that importune prayer is ever easy, but the first few experiences of it will tend to pave the road and make the way smoother for more and more importune prayer.  For when you have that prayer experience behind you, you will have gained the insight that makes your prayers more importunate.

Accordingly, with this experience, you will pray with more patience and strength, and with more ability to press on in prayer, even when it seems hopeless.  You will have developed more passion for others, and your prayers will be more energized by the Holy Spirit.  You won’t get discouraged in prayer as much as you use to, and you will have more discipline in keeping your regular prayer times.  Over all, you will naturally pray with more intensity and heart.


Friendships are Strengthened

When you pray for your friends with importunity you will always strengthen your friendship with them—prayer always tends to deepen relationships. But the most exciting part of praying for friends is the fact that we not only deepen our friendships with them, we also, at the same time, strengthen our friendship with God; for God loves all people and He loves it when we befriend each other.


We will become more Christ-like

Waiting and trusting in God with importunity is what Jesus did His whole life. When we practice importune prayer we are living and praying as Christ did.

Moses was a great example too.  Wesley Duewel writes: “Moses’ eighty days of communion and intercession, the last forty of which included much importunate intercession, left a lifelong seal of God upon his life.  Afterwards he was a more patient, forgiving, and humble man of God than he had ever been.”7

7 Wesley Duewel, Mighty Prevailing Prayer, p. 86.

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How I became Interested in Bible Prophecy

Stephen Nielsen

Let’s see, my interest in Bible prophecy began when I was about 8 or 9 years old, when I began hearing people talk about the Rapture. I can’t remember who it was, whether it was a preacher or maybe my mother. Anyway, they would be trying to describe how quickly Jesus would come and take us away. They would say it that will be as fast as the twinkling of your eye. And then they would try to explain how fast that would be. And I remember someone saying that it won’t be the blinking of the eye but the twinkling of the eye.

Well that was the start of it. And that thought continued to intrigue me for many more years. Gradually my knowledge of the bible increased as I read more and more of it, especially after I was saved at age 12. Oh yes, and one of…

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