Northwestern: Food, Campus, Extra Activities

Stephen Nielsen

This is the chapel in Nazareth hall.

Besides finding out who my professors were and what my classes were like, I was very interested in what the food was like. I quickly found out that I would be spending as much time in the lunch room as I possibly could—because the food was delicious! And, if I remember correctly, you could come back for seconds. And the coffee was good too. In fact, I think I drank two cups of coffee for each meal. That’s six cups a day—more than I’ve ever consumed.

The campus was great too, old but great. Its oldest buildings, Nazareth Hall, and then later Riley Hall, use to be a preparatory Catholic Seminary. The most beautiful is its chapel—with huge marble pillars and stained-glass windows. I think my most memorable times at Northwestern were those times when I hung out with friends to study and…

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Small Wildflowers

Stephen Nielsen

I’m not sure what the technical name is but I’ve always called this flower a Honeysuckle.

The actual size of this flower is about one-half inch in diameter. There is so much going on here. It is so complex for such a little flower.

The wild Lupine.

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Prayer for the Ducklings

Stephen Nielsen

I spotted these four little ducklings as I was on one of my walks. They couldn’t be much more than a few days old.

I pray that they survive on this lake. There are plenty of predators around like herons, turtles, large geese, muskrats and hawks. I have read that anything larger than them may attack.

Mom (the female mallard) is always close by. She will need to be brave and tough.

I Pray that our heavenly Father will feed and take care of these ducklings.

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. (Matt. 6:26)

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Northwestern Bible College: My Teachers and Classes

Stephen Nielsen

This is Nazareth Hall. This building, along with Riley Hall,l were the only buildings standing when I was there.

Getting started at Northwestern was a little chaotic, but it was also exciting. I had decided on what classes I would take earlier when I met with a counselor, so, on the first day of college, it was just a matter of buying the books I needed and finding out where the classes were and what time. I could tell that some of the students already knew each other, but I didn’t know anyone. So, I just smiled and waved as I went from class to class. The main thing I was focused on was getting to know my teachers—or professors, as you were supposed to call them. Most of them had “Dr.” in front of his name, but there were a few that were just “Mr.” Anyway, I liked most…

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Northwestern Bible College: Getting Set Up

Stephen Nielsen

This is the Northwestern campus as it looks now. When I went there from 1977-1979, the newer buildings you see in the front weren’t there.

After I graduated from Coastal Carolina Community College, it seemed right for me to move home to Minnesota, and to reconnect with my mom. Even though I did drive home every Christmas (with my friend Dave Peterson who also lived in Minnesota), I hadn’t been home for any extended time since I graduated from high school. I went from high school right into the Marines and Vietnam; and then after the Marines I stayed in North Carolina with the Navigators for the next four years. I was definitely ready to go home.

My mom was recently divorced, had sold her house, and was now living in an apartment in St. Louis Park. When I got home, I had no plans, so, at first, I was…

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My Nature walk along the River

Stephen Nielsen

Every couple weeks or so I like to walk along the Mississippi River on this trail. In this photo I am looking back from where I just walked.

Usually the trail is rugged, but here the way is flat and easier walking. But as you can see, you have to watch where you are going or you will tumble into the river. I walked along this path for a while, and then when the trail ended I took a sharp right up to another broader trail.

Here we are on the broader trail, or it is more like a road. In fact, I often see workers drive on this road.

Looking to the left, you see the river again through this jungle of trees.

Here is a rare sight this early in the spring. So lovely! All of these beautiful sights are God’s special gifts for me to enjoy.


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How to Stay Positive in a Pandemic

Stephen Nielsen

When faced with a very negative situation, I think its always good to find something to lift your spirits. These comics did it for me. They made me laugh.

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