Failure in Prayer—26 Reasons Why Prayers Fail

To help you remember these 26 points, I have categorized them alphabetically–A to Z.

Authority – Prayers fail when we don’t pray with authority. 

BurdenPrayers fail when we do not allow ourselves to be burdened with prayer needs. 

Confidence – Prayers fail when we don’t have confidence in God

Desire – We don’t desire Him.

Earnestness – We don’t pray with earnestness. 

Fasting – We refuse to fast. 

God’s way – We don’t pray God’s way. 

Holy Spirit – We don’t pray in the Holy Spirit. 

Importunity – We don’t pray with importunity. 

Jesus Name – We do not pray in Jesus Name. 

Kneeling – We have not prayed using the appropriate prayer posture.  

Length of prayer – we aren’t willing to pray long enough. 

Motives – We pray with wrong motives. 

Needs – We don’t see the real needs. 

Obedience – We do not obey God.

Praise – We don’t give God His due adoration. 

Quiet Time – We don’t have a regular quiet time. 

Rest – We aren’t resting in His promises and believing in Him. 

Specific prayer – We don’t pray specifically.

Teachings on Prayer – We do not let the Bible teach us how to pray. 

Unity – We lack unity. 

Vigilance – We are not vigilant in prayer.

Word – We don’t pray according to the Bible. 

Xanadu – We have not found quiet places to pray.

Yielding –We do not yield ourselves to God. 

Zenith – Our prayers are not focused. 

So here are the reasons I have come up with as to why we fail in prayer.  I sincerely believe that if you take all these things to heart, and likewise apply the opposite principles of success, your prayers will not fail.  


The above article is an excerpt from this book.




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