Jews Gentiles and the Church

I just started reading Jews Gentiles & The Church, by David Larson.  It’s facinating! Just to ponder the history of the Jews you can’t help but reflect on the grace of God.  Of course this is true also for the  church.  I am eager to read the rest of the book, though I know it will take me a while. 

Here’s a quote on page 18 that I thought was interesting:

The Jew is God’s  timepiece.  the Jew is the key to history and prophecy.  As D. M. Panton put it, “The Jew is God’s dial.”  And all of this is to be explained in terms of an elective decree of God’s sovereign grace.

I am eager to hear anyones comment on the book or on this subject.  In these end times I think it is especially beneficial and encouraging to see the working of God amoung the nation of Israel and also the church.  I am more and more interested in God’s dealings with the Jews and how they fit in the prophetical picture.  I don’t  believe God is done with the Jews.  He has not abandon them as some think.  The church has not replaced them.  The church and the Jew have different and distinct purposes–though God calls us all to be saved.  Though one is a Jew he can be saved and therefore will be part of the  church.  This is wonderful: to see a believing Jew.  Well, anyway, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

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