The Miracles of Jesus and the Apostles: Three Things that Characterized Them

In this post I want to point out some things that I have observed about the miracle healings of Jesus and His apostles.  I have read through all the healings of Jesus and the apostles (there are 20 references to Jesus healings and 7 of the apostles) and I noticed three things about them:

1.  All who came to Jesus or the apostles and were asking to be healed were healed.  The scriptures simply say that He healed all that were sick and that He healed every sickness and every disease among the people (Matt. 8:16, 9:35).  From these verses it almost seems as if everyone who was sick in the city or location that Jesus came to was healed.  But I do think that they had to believe in His healing power or at least want to be healed.  Nonetheless, it appears that, at least in some areas, everyone who was sick was healed.  John MacArthur comments on Matthew 9:35:  “Jesus banished sickness in an unprecedented healing display, giving impressive evidence of His deity.” (Read also Acts 5:16) 

2.  The healings were immediate.  The healings didn’t happen in a month’s time, or a week’s time, or even in a day or an hour, or even in a minute!  No!  The healings happened instantly.  As soon as Jesus or the apostles touched the sick person or spoke to them they were healed.  (Read these verses on immediate healing: Matt. 8:3; 12:13, 22; Mk. 1:31; 10:52; Lu. 13:13; 22:51; Jn. 5:9; Acts 3:7; 9:34; 14:10; 28:8)

 3.  The healings were complete.  All who were healed were made perfectly whole. That is, they were made normal—as any other healthy person. (Read Matt. 12:13; 14:36; Acts 3:7; 14:10)


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