Should we pray for miracles?

 If you have the craving for miracles, I think you should thoroughly examine your heart to find out why you think you need a miracle.  Perhaps the problem you have does not require a miracle.  God has done many wonderful works without miracles.

I think we need to be careful of our motives.  If we think we need a miracle perhaps it is because we are lacking in faith and we are really trying to test God to see if He is real and powerful or not.

We may also have a problem with pride.  Perhaps we want to see or do miracles so that we can “feel the power” and so that others will see us as holy or spiritual.  Therefore, we ought to examine our motives.

Secondly, we ought to consider whether a miracle is in God’s will or not—whether it is His purpose to do a miracle for you or not.  We have already discussed the history and purpose for miracles.  We have seen why God did miracles in the past and why He will do them in the future, during the tribulation.  But is it His will to do one for you now?

God seems to have discontinued gifting people to do miracles and healings; there is no good evidence anywhere of people that have the gift of doing miracles as the apostles did (not that I know of anyway).  However, there seems to be some evidence throughout history of a few miracles that God Himself has done in answer to our prayers.  I must say also that we must never say that God will not give you a gift of miracles or healing.  Just as with any of the gifts, God gives them “as He wills” (1 Cor. 12:11).   

I would say that if you are just eager to see or do a miracle than you ought not to go that way.  You are not following the will of God.  But if you have a need, by all means pray that God will hear and answer your prayer.  And if it takes a miracle than that is God’s business, not yours.  So pray for healing; pray for His will; but do not pray for a miracle—unless of course He specifically tells you to.

If you seek His will and pray for His will than He will tell you what to pray for.  There have been some (like Moses and Elijah) that have received instructions from the Lord that He would do a miracle through them, and therefore that they were to pray for that specific miracle.  Likewise, if God tells you in prayer that you are to pray for a miracle (to walk on water; to raise the dead; etc.) then pray that way, and by all means expect that the miracle will happen.  But it is my guess that God will not lead you in this way as He did for Moses and Elijah.   Nonetheless, it is not for me to say.  God does what He wants to do.  But you need to listen to Him closely so that you know what His will is and how to pray.


How miracles can be used to encourage you.  First of all, when you look at the history of miracles and examine their purpose, you get a better understanding of the ways of God.  For example, you see how God has used miracles to rescue a dying nation (Israel), establish Christianity, and help people see God’s appointed leaders.  You may also see in the book of Revelation how God will use miracles to bring people to judgment.  Therefore, with a better understanding of the purpose of miracles and God’s ways, we are stronger in our faith in God, and therefore we pray with a better knowledge.

Overall, when we hear of miracles, especially when we read of them in the Bible (because Biblical evidence is a more reliable source) it helps our faith and our prayers.  Hence, when we pray, it is good to have in front of our mind what great things God has already done.  The reminder of His great miracles will help to make our faith strong and will serve as a promise to us that He will continue to do great works for us.



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