Discussing the Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus – 6 points

empty tomb

1. If you want to get all the post resurrection appearances of Jesus in chronological order and to get a true and clear picture of what happened in each case you really need to look at all the gospels. Some gospels give more detail than others. Also, 1 Corinthians 15:5-7 is also helpful, as it actually give us the order of some of them.

2. In the first two appearances to Mary Magdalene and to the other two women, it is difficult to tell who Jesus appeared to first. But here is the way I see that it happened: 1) all three women got to the tomb together and were told by an angel that Jesus had risen and to go and give the news to His disciples (Mark 16:6-7). 2) I think Mary M. out ran the other two women. She gave the message to Peter and John, returned with them to the tomb, and Mary saw Jesus as a gardener, while the other women were still going (probably walking) to give the message to the disciples. 3) After Mary M. had seen Jesus she left to give this good news to the disciples, and as she was going, this I think is when Jesus appeared to the other two women. So, in effect, Mary M. had run the distance (to give the message to the disciples)—there, back, and there again—before the other two women had gone the distance even once. I’m guessing that Mary Magdalene was younger and certainly a faster runner. (Mark 16:1-11; John 20:11-18; Matthew 28:9-10)

3. Acts 1:3 tells us that there were forty days from Jesus’ crucifixion to His ascension. That means that there were thirty eight days from His resurrection to the ascension (from Friday to Saturday is one day, and from Saturday to Sunday is two days).

4. It seems that during the 38 days Jesus met mostly with His disciples (to teach them and prepare them for the new church era to come). But He also met with a few others: like certain faithful women, the two from Emmaus, and the group of over 500; and I’m sure there were many others that we don’t know about.

5. Jesus sometimes disguised His appearance—they didn’t always recognize Him. For example, when Mary Magdalene first saw Him, she thought he was a gardener; the two on the road to Emmaus didn’t know who He was all the time they were walking together; and even His closest disciples didn’t recognize Him standing on the shore when they were fishing.

Why do you suppose He was not recognized? Here are a couple possible reasons: 1) His resurrection body may have appeared a little different; 2) maybe He didn’t want to be recognized, so people could talk to Him more openly without getting all freaked out. Remember that when the two on the road suddenly recognized Him, He disappeared. Perhaps Jesus knew that the two men would not be able to handle the emotional strain on them when they realized who they were in the presence of.

6. Act 1:3 tells us that He appeared to His disciple from time to time and proved to them in many ways that he was actually alive (NLT). We know that He encouraged His disciple to touch Him, and He ate food in from of them. I wonder what else He did to prove that He was not a ghost.

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