I have a feeling this happens more than we know–we get voices in our head that are not from God, and sometime we think they are from God. This is such a beautiful post!

Heidi Viars

vine wrapped tighly around a young tree - Woods near Green Lake

“Your work is trash.”

“Your light is dim.”

“Your words are rash.”

“You cause is grim.”

“Your friends you drained.”

“Your kids are pale.”

“Your spouse is faint.”

“Your heart is frail.”

Who speaks these words

Which closely stick

To heart and mind

And make me sick?


Did God speak them?

No! They’re not love.

They come from Hell,

Not from above.


God says I’m His.

I bear His name.

Christ took my sins.

Bore all my shame.


He calls me blessed,

Redeemed, adored,

Beautifully dressed,

Calls me restored.


2 Corinthians 5;17

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