Satan’s Personality: Deceiver, Pervert, Imitator, Rebel


Here’s an excerpt from Prayer A to Z.  Let it be a reminder of who our enemy is and what he is up to.


He is a deceiver.  In order to seize the throne of God and to attract willing followers, he has snidely and viciously set out to deceive us—to convince us that he has the truth and that God is a liar.  So, ironically, for this reason, his whole life is a lie.  He may whisper some truth to us, but it is only to get us to believe him, so that he can eventually lead us astray and destroy us.

Now, to accomplish his goal of deception, he knows that he has to lead many to reproduce his deceptive works and to follow his ways.  For this reason he has enlisted scores of false teachers who now openly repudiate the Word of God, deny the deity of Jesus Christ, and who teach that truth is not universal and from a transcendent God.  In fact, most teachers today teach that truth is personal and quite subjective.  Truth, they say, is whatever you want it to be. 


He is a pervert.  To pervert is to change or distort something from its intended use.  What God has given us for our good, Satan means to distort, or misrepresent, or spoil by deception.  Satan’s aim is to pervert the whole purpose and plan of God in our mind so that we are confused as to what His truth is for us.  Likewise, Satan seeks to pervert (or spoil) all of God’s good blessings for us—such as food, marriage and sex.  In some cases he tells us that these things are bad for us and to abstain from them; at other times he will distort in our minds their proper use so that we become gluttons and adulterers and homosexuals.  His goal is to see us made sick, weakened, corrupted, tortured, and ultimately destroyed. 


He is an imitator Satan’s purpose in all of his deceptions is to fool us into thinking that he is good and true, even that he is God; because he wants us to follow him and obey him.  So he disguises himself as an angel of light; his followers also portray themselves as servants of righteousness (2 Cor. 11:14-15).

Satan and his followers, in some cases, have done the same miracles and have appeared to do the same good works as true believers have done.   For example, Satan must have appeared righteous and true to Eve or else she would not have listened to him.  Likewise, the magicians of Egypt did miracles just like Moses did (Ex. 7:11, 12, 22), and, as a result, they appeared righteous (or at least having the power of God).  Overall, we can say that Satan has continued, to this day, to imitate what is good and true, but in every case he has perverted the truth.  Thus, if you look closely, you will find that his followers do not believe or preach the true gospel. 


He is a lawless rebel.  Satan (then called Lucifer) was created to serve in submission to God his creator.  Therefore, he was (and is) obligated to submit to Him.   When Satan began to covet the authority and independence that belonged to God alone, that was an act of rebellion against the authority (or the law) of God.  Ever since that one act of rebellion Satan has been a lawless rebel; thus he has set his purpose to turn the whole world against God—to rebel against all of His laws and standards. 

Oh, he doesn’t mind if people appear righteous and upright, as long as they deny and rebel against God in their heart and in their private life.  Yes, he wants the whole world to be like himself: as an angel of light on the outside, but a lawless rebel on the inside—secretly involved in all kinds of sins for selfish pleasure.

Now since lawlessness is on the increase, we need to be mindful that God has given us His laws for our own protection and help.  He has given us governors and earthly governments in order to curb lawlessness and to bridle the works of Satan, thus to establish peace.  Therefore, we ought to be thankful to God for our government and to all those who work so hard to prevent lawlessness. 

The Bible tells us that in the last days lawlessness will increase.  But let us take courage, for increased lawlessness is a sign that His [Jesus’] coming is soon; in that day He will begin to rule all nations with an iron scepter (Rev. 19:15)—and He will put that rebel where he belongs (Rev. 20:1-3, 10)! 


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