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Description of Basics of Prayer

This plain, green covered book has exactly the same content as my paperback version except that it is a pdf eBook.  You can download it on any iPad or on your computer.  Basics of Prayer is Book One of my six book series on prayer.  The other book titles are: Purpose of Prayer, Principles of Prayer, Joy of Prayer, Service of Prayer, and Zenith of Prayer.  As you can see from the outline, Basics of Prayer gives you the very foundational elements of prayer.  If you are looking for a thorough, reflective, yet easy-to-read study of prayer you will enjoy this book.

Outline of Basics of Prayer

1  Definition of Prayer
     The Nature and Meaning of Prayer
     Various Descriptions of Prayer
     The Forms of Prayer
2  Praise of Prayer — Part 1
     What is Praise?
     What is Prayer?
     The Origin and Basis of Praise
     Common Praise
     The Difference between Petitionary Prayer and Praise
     The Interdependence of Petitionary Prayer and Praise
     Staying on the Path of Praise
     The Use of Praise in Life
     The Use of Praise in Warfare
     The Use of Praise in Prayer
3  Praise of Prayer — Part 2
     Examples of Praise from the Bible
     Examples of Praise from Various Bible Characters
4  Intercession — Part 1
     The Father’s Role in Intercession
     The Intercession of Christ
     The Intercession of the Holy Spirit
5  Intercession — Part 2
     The Definition of Intercession
6  Intercession — Part 3
     Who to Intercede For and What to Pray For Them
     Our Great Responsibility to Intercede
     The Blessings of Intercession
7  Forgiveness
     Being Forgiven By God
     Forgiving Yourself
     Forgiving Others
8  Fasting
     Jesus Has Taught Us to Fast
     We Have the Examples of Many that Fasted
     Our Neglect of Fasting
     How True Fasting Has Been Described
     Various Types of Fasts
     Five Wrong Reasons to Fast
     Twelve Right Reasons to Fast
     Guidelines For Fasting                                                                                                                        
  9  Prayer Posture
     Why Should We Be Concerned about our Prayer Posture?
     Six Prayer Positions and What Each One Symbolizes
     A History of Prayer Posture
10  Yielding
     What is Yielding?
     What Do We Yield To?
     How to Yield to God and Not to Satan

A Short Excerpt from Chapter One

Prayer is soul to soul communication with God.  So far we have said that prayer is petition.  And we said that there are basically three types of petitions: (1) invocation, or asking God to be God to us and to help us commune with Him; (2) asking God for the basic things we need; and (3) intercession.

Now we are saying that prayer is not only petition, it is also something more basic—it is soul to soul communication with God.  And this really must come first, before we ask God for anything.  For this is the heart of prayer.  Before we can expect Him to listen to our requests we must have made contact with His soul by our soul.

I got this idea from Jim Downing in his book Meditation, where he suggests that various passages in the Psalms (e.g., Ps. 62:5, 130:6, 25:1) “indicate that coming into contact with God involves the soul.” And he stated that “Theologians in general agree as to the soul’s principle powers…the mind, the affections and the will.”

So I am suggesting that “coming into contact with God” with our souls is really what prayer is.  True prayer, therefore, will involves the mind, the affections (the heart or the emotions), and the will (that part of us that makes choices).

All prayer begins with the exercise of the mind toward God.  We may call it meditation.  And we can meditate on all kinds of good things, but we must make the primary source of our meditation the Word.   “As we meditate on the Word of God [says Jim Downing], the life of Jesus Christ flows out of Him, through the Word, and becomes a part of our spiritual bloodstream.”

Secondly, to engage our soul with the soul of God we must exercise our emotions (or our heart) toward God in communion.  How do we do this?  Well, our meditation on the word is how we start.  It will open the door to heart to heart communion.  When we study and meditate on His Word He speaks to us and then we listen.

Communion is also speaking back to God.  It is talking to God and listening.  But it is even more than that.  It is fellowship on the highest level.  It is the sharing of His holy nature.  According to Downing, “Communing…is engaging our heart with the heart of God.  The result of that communion is that our soul is watered (Jer. 31:12).” Downing goes on: “Communion…is a two-way communication, an alternating impact of two personalities where we listen intently and then share intently with the other person; there is an actual sharing of lives involved.”

The third part of the soul is the will.  With the will we make choices; we choose to obey God or not.  The exercise of this part of the soul is vitally important.  Our listening to God and choosing to obey Him keeps the door of our soul open to His soul; it keeps our soul in contact and communication with Him.  Accordingly, our willful obedience is the key to bringing life to our soul.  For by it we receive His love and power (Jn. 14:21).  Without obedience our prayers drop dead; but with obedience our prayers come alive and are continually energized by His life.

How to Get Basics of Prayer Free

It’s very easy.  Just click on the image of the green book in this blog post.  That will take you to Stephen’s Book Store, and you will see all my books.  Feel free to browse around.  To get this free book just click on “Add to Cart” under the green book (Basics of Prayer) that is listed as $0.00.  Then go through the process of getting the book just as if you were buying it, except it is free.  After you click on “Add to Cart,” next click on “Continue to check out” at the bottom of the page.  After that page comes up, then click on “Place Order.”  You will then see some processing going on, and a sign will come up that says “Download (pdf).”  Click on that sign and it will be downloaded to your computer.  From there I think you know what to do.



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6 Responses to Download a Free Book on Prayer

  1. Emmanuel says:

    To God be the glory

  2. obed says:

    I wish to a prayer warrior, a real one. And i believe it will come to pass right here

  3. Safaa Cozma says:

    I want to reach Jesus in my prayers

    • Jesus is always near you Safaa. Just pour out your heart to Him and He will hear you. If you don’t feel His nearness, I would suggest reading more of the word of God. The word is God’s words to us.

  4. Chibueze says:

    I want to come close to God

  5. Eva says:

    Thanks so much for this valuable “Prayer” resource. “For such a time as this,” when the world is in trouble…Believers need to pray as never before. Blessing upon you and the ministry the Lord has given you.

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