Highway in the Bible: 6 Spiritual Meanings

Studying Bible Prophecy


The term “highway” is mentioned 23 times in the Bible.  In my study I have come up with six spiritual meanings. Most of this material is pointing to the future millennial kingdom, though parts of it may be history.  According to the verses referenced here Highway means…

 1. The way that God has prepared for the Jewish remnant returning to Israel (Isa. 11:16; 49:11-12). God Himself will prepare the way for His people who are scattered from the ends of the earth, to be saved and to return to His holy land. He will build for them a highway—that is, He will part the seas, lower the mountains and raise the valleys to aid them in returning to Him.

 2. The way God prepares for the Jewish remnant in returning to Him through others (Isa. 62:10-12; 57:14). All the world of…

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