12 Reasons We Should Pray For the Peace of Israel

Studying Bible Prophecy


There are plenty of reasons, reasons found in the Bible, why we should pray for the peace of Israel and for God’s chosen people the Jews—reasons that we as Christians can’t ignore; some reasons that have a prophetical significance.  Here are 12 reason I found in my study.

 1. God commands us to do so. In Psalm 122:6, God through David says to us, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”  Jerusalem is in Israel.

2. To follow the example of others who have prayed.  Psalm 25:22 says, “Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his trouble.” (Read also 51:18-19; 137:6-7; Rom. 10:1.)

3. So its people will be at peace and prosperous. Psalm 122:8: “For the sake of my brothers and my friends I will now say, ‘May peace be within you.’”

4. For their salvation. “Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is…

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