The Millennial Kingdom Of God: Christ Comes To Set Up His Kingdom

Studying Bible Prophecy

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What is the millennial kingdom?  What is its purpose?  This phase of the kingdom lies just before the entrance to eternity—to eternal bliss, to everlasting peace and joy and love.  So it is a very important transitional period. It is a period of 1000 years, where Jesus Christ will make things happen in us and in the world in order to prepare us (all people, mortal and immortal) for the rest of eternity: He will restore harmony to His creation; He will show us a perfect government; He will fulfill His covenants with Israel; He will display for us His own glory and perfect character; and He will provide for us a final test.

With such great purposes for this future kingdom (which we will discuss in later posts) we can expect a great and dramatic entrance into it; for as the people on…

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