7 Misguided Ideas about the Rapture

Studying Bible Prophecy

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Here’s seven ignorant or misguided ideas I’ve gathered from people about this subject of the rapture—which I believe is a pre-tribulation rapture.  It appears from these ideas that there is a great deal of misinformation being dished out in some churches.  This post is my effort to get it right.  I am a futurist, not a preterist.  And I believe we can interpret the bible literally. That means we can believe the Bible for what it says. I also believe that the kingdom of God in this age is not on this earth but is in the hearts of believers. The god of this world is the devil. This world is his kingdom.  But soon, after the rapture and after the tribulation, He will come to set up His kingdom on this earth and will lock up the devil and reign for a thousand years.  After that He will…

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