Praise for Clerks who Refused Gay Marriage Licenses

Studying Bible Prophecy

ows_143570351977984   I was thrilled to see in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today (July 1, 2015) that certain clerks in Kentucky refused to issue gay marriage licenses.  Clerk Kim Davis, in this article entitled, Fight for gay marriage turns now to clerks who defy Supreme Court, refuse marriage licenses, said, “It’s a deep-rooted conviction; my conscience won’t allow me to do that…It goes against everything I hold dear, everything sacred in my life.”

The article in the Tribune stated that some judges and clerks in Alabama and Texas have done the same, ordering their offices in the name of religious liberty and free speech to issue no marriage licenses at all.

Well, as the article goes on to say, anyone who works in public offices and does not adhere to the law of the country (including this new marriage law) can get in big trouble. Said Sam Marcosson, a constitutional…

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