Mideast Persecuted Christians Not Allowed to enter U. S.

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Did you know that there is an Obama administration policy in place now that will not allow fleeing, persecuted Christians into the United States, but they will allow in Muslims? Why is that? What has happened to America? Watch this video.

Key points of video:

  • Conditions for Christians in Iraq are terrible
  • Iraqi Christians have been forced out of their home by ISIS
  • They have no place to go; they are starting to beg for food
  • They either have to live in refugee camps in Jordan or find their own way out
  • They are awaiting for ISIS to be defeated
  • Many would like to go to the United States but the United States is not allowing them to enter
  • Overall, the U. S. has so far allowed 80% of Muslims to come to the United States, but only 6% of Christians

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1 Response to Mideast Persecuted Christians Not Allowed to enter U. S.

  1. Sherry Johnson says:

    Thanks for this information – so sad that our country is not allowing persecuted Christians to enter
    our country but allows Muslims. No wonder so much is changing here. May we continue to pray
    that our gov. officials will be changed to godly people. Keep up the good work – it is so needed.

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