Four Reasons Why Speaking in Tongues Is Dangerous

Studying Bible Prophecy


Tongues is at the heart of the Charismatic movement; it is one of their distinctives.  In this article I will point out its inaptness and its danger.

First of all, the biblical gift of tongues was an actual, known language—not ecstatic utterances, as we hear today (Acts 2:4, 11). Moreover, the purpose of tongues throughout the early church was a two-fold sign: 1) to the believers, that the Holy Spirit had come to begin the church; and 2) a sign of judgment to unbelieving Israel—that since they did not listen to God in a language they understood, He was now no longer speaking to them, but to the Gentiles in a language they could not understand (1 Cor. 14:21; Isa. 28:11-12); Thus God’s judgment was that He was no longer speaking to and dealing with them, but was now turning toward the Gentiles to establish His church.

Therefore, because…

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