10 Reasons Why Islam Is Not a Peaceful Religion

Studying Bible Prophecy

Muslims for peace

In saying that Islam is not a peaceful religion, I am not saying that all Muslims are not peaceful. I think there are many good, peaceful Muslims in the world. But I don’t believe they are peaceful because of Islam or the Koran.  No.  I believe they have peace because the true God of peace has put it in them.  They love peace and kindness and love, not because of Islam, but because God, the true God (not Allah) has written it on their heart, and so they know what is right and what is wrong.


I will not say that everything in the religion of Islam is evil and good for nothing. No. I think God is able to work through any religion that is false for His good purposes.  For example, Muslims are called to pray often.  Without knowing it perhaps God uses their prayers; perhaps many are…

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