The City Of Gold and Diamond — New Jerusalem

Studying Bible Prophecy

The walls of the city are of jasper--like clear diamond. The walls of the city are of jasper–like clear diamond.

First of all, as we have indicated in a previous post, the city looks very beautiful and pure, as a bride adorned for her husband. This, of course, is speaking symbolically. But what do we know about how it will look literally? Well, we are told in Revelation 21:16 that it is laid out as a square and its length and width and height are the same, measuring 1500 miles (according to NASB; but some say about 1400 miles).  So it seems that it is a cube shape and very large!

And it will be very beautiful and bright, and will shine like a diamond. In fact, the outside walls of the city, measuring seventy two yards (in thickness, I presume), is made of a material like clear diamond (the term used for this material is “jasper,” however, most commentators…

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