Lying and Lying Accusations in the 2016 Debates

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For a lot of people these days, lying isn’t a subject that they think about or that concerns them. Maybe they don’t think they ever lie and so they are not worried about it.  Or maybe they do lie quite regularly, but don’t think it’s any big deal.  I haven’t thought about it very much myself—until recently.  The recent U. S. presidential debates (Feb. 20, 2016) have brought this subject to our minds hasn’t it?  Personally, I have felt rather sick about it—mostly about the accusations.

It was hard to believe the things I heard going back and forth. It was shocking. It was like hearing children bad talking each other on the playground. But these are our presidential candidates!  I understand that we are facing important issues, but lying and accusing others of lying isn’t helping anything.  I have tried to listen to the debates as closely as possible…

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