How to Pray Specifically: 3 Steps to Follow



Specific prayers are always better than general prayers.

  • Specific prayers are more natural
  • Specific prayers are more honest and authentic
  • Specific prayers help us express our faith
  • Specific prayers are more effective

If you want your prayers to be specific instead of general, here are…

3 steps to follow

1. Pray for God’s leading. God has certain things in His mind that He wants us to pray for. When we pray for His leading and direction in prayer He will show us those things that are on His heart; and He will help us to pray specifically for each of those things.

2. Work at prayer. In order to pray specifically we must be willing to work at it and not give in to laziness. This kind of prayer requires the hard work of Bible Study and of searching the scriptures in order to find God’s will. It takes the work of an investigator, to investigate problems and to discern specific needs. It also takes the work of asking questions.  We must ask questions of people to discern needs; and when we pray we can also ask questions of God.

King David often asked questions of God when he prayed. For example, when he was trying to decide whether or not to attack the Philistines who were plundering the threshing floors in Keilah, he prayed, “Shall I go and attack these Philistines” (1 Sam 23:2)?

This seems like such a simple way to pray, but in order to get clear, specific answers from God we must ask simple, direct questions.

3. Be honest. Specific prayers are humble, real, honest, and revealing. If you aren’t willing to open your heart to God to reveal your needs, then prayers will never be specific or true. We must take the time to search our heart and to ask the Holy Spirit to help us search our heart. Also, take the time to read and meditate on the Word.  God will speak to you through the Word, and He will show you what is in your heart and how He wants you to pray.  He will show you specifically what to pray for.



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