What Does God Think Of Homosexuality? — 6 Points

Studying Bible Prophecy



The recent tragic Orlando massacre of 50 people, who were partying in a gay nightclub, has brought to light and to our discussion what people’s attitudes are toward the GLTC community. Certainly, this tragedy has put a spotlight on them and we feel sympathy not only for those who were murdered, but for all homosexuals—because we know that many terrorists hate them and want to kill more of them.

And we can talk all day about what we think of homosexuals and homosexuality, but in the end only one think matters—what does God think? I have decides to write this blog to bring that to light.  So, first of all…



We know from God’s word and from God’s character that He hates sin. But we also know that He loves the sinner—and that includes me and you and all people, because all…

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