What will our new glorified body be like?

Studying Bible Prophecy

Resurrected Jesus


In heaven we will still converse with God as we do now, but in many ways it will be different and better. Prayer (soul to soul communication) will be much better because of our glorified bodies.  With our new bodies our soul will be much more perceptive.   Think of it.  Our eyes will be able to see things we have never seen before.  Our ears will be able to hear things we have never heard before.  Our smell, our sense of touch, our taste, and everything about our bodies will be better.  And of course our brains will be without flaws, so our thinking will be so much clearer.  We will be able to read faster—to speed read!  And we will remember everything we read.  We will be able to easily memorize and understand everything, and then be able to easily recall anything we want to refer back to. …

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