Looking Forward To Perfect Unity



From the way it is now to the way it will be in heaven, we can definitely say that our prayers will be much more unified. Now our loyalty is divided.  Whether we will admit it or not, we have many idols.  There are times when we are full of the Holy Spirit and pray in the Spirit; in those times our prayers are united.  But a lot of the time we are not full of the Spirit, and so we unite ourselves with all kinds of sin and with idols.

What a change there will be in heaven. All sin, all disloyalty, all impurity, all our disunity will be a thing of the past.  From the time we see Him and are instantly glorified, we will take on a perfect, godly attitude toward each other—for we will be full of His Spirit and full of love for God and for each other.  In that wonderful moment when our eyes meet His eyes, the Spirit will unite us together with Him and with the Father.  In that moment each of us will miraculously become like Christ.  Our attributes and our behavior will become just like His.  All of us will have God’s love and joy and peace—to the fullest extent.  We will all be longsuffering toward each other; and we will have the qualities of kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control to the maximum (Gal. 5:22-23).  A Christian has those things now, but not to the maximum and not all the time.

I think our unity with each other and with God will be such that we will keep in constant touch with Him and with each other—so that we will be in perfect fellowship, always knowing what is going on with each other and always communicating with each other. Never will there be any point of contention and any break in fellowship.  And our prayer-communication with God will always be sweet and full of love.

We will have many personal differences in heaven, as we do now, but we won’t let those differences divide us. We of course will have different personalities (different looks, character traits, habits, and drives), different skills and abilities, even different levels of knowledge—which suggests that we will disagree on some things.  But in spite of all our differences, we won’t sin against each other or fight with each other.  Love will reign in all our relationships.

Our differences I think will be one of the things that give us pleasure and amusement, and will cause us to praise God. If we were all the same it would be rather boring.  Our differences allow us to see and marvel at the creative genius of God and to know that He cares about us and wants us to be happy.   Therefore, our differences, rather than bring a source of division, as is often the case now, will enhance our love for each other and for God.  When we see and experience the differences in each other, instead of feeling tension and fear and uneasiness toward each other, we will feel the wonder and grace of God and will be lifted up with joy.

And our differences will enhance our prayers; when we behold different voices and different offerings we will sense the joy it brings God; what a sweet harmony of voices (with different personalities) God will hear. God will be so pleased with us, and we with Him and with each other.  Yes, we forever will have perfect unity in prayer; a unity of love and peace in the Spirit.




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