Three Terrible Results of Evil

Studying Bible Prophecy



Evil is not anything to mess with, to experiment with. As children we may have thought that Halloween was fun; and listening to ghost stories, and watching all the evil Dracula and Frankenstein movies was exciting. But once we understand what evil is, we should not take it lightly; for evil is tied to the devil and to sin, and the result of evil is terrifying and destructive, not only to your body but to your soul—and for a Christian, to your relationship with Christ. Here are three terrible results of evil.

1.Evil is its own result (Prov. 11:27; Ezek. 38:10-11)

The result of experimenting with evil is to find evil. And most who think about and plot evil will end up acting it out, and therefore evil will become who they are. And the reason why this is so terrible is because of what evil is. It…

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