What Key Leaders said about President Trump’s First Speech to Congress

Pray that this speech will work to unify the country and soften the hearts of many.

Prayer for Trump and Country


                Vice President Mike Pence

I couldn’t have been more humbled to be there.

Americans saw the president I work with every day: broad shouldered and a big heart.

I’ve never seen a state of the union address in my lifetime where the President cast a more optimistic tone for the future.

      Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich

The best speech of his career. I was blown away.

He was in command.

He had a brilliant opening.

American syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer

This is without a doubt the best speech he’s ever given. In fact, this should have been his Inaugural address.

A very statesman-like-speech

               Texas Senator, Ted Cruz

A bold, positive speech that laid out a vision for America that millions of Americans have been hungry for.


Pray that this speech will soften the hearts of many that have opposed Trump. And Pray that it…

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