We Must Trust Our Leaders to Bring Us a Great Health Care Plan

Pray for all those who are crafting the plan, that God would give them wisdom and insight into what will work best. And for patience and understanding as people work through the different ideas. Let the best ideas be seen.

Prayer for Trump and Country


I’m so tired of all the complaining and bickering over our new health care plan.

Where is the trust?

If we can’t trust the good people we have, who can we trust?

We need to let our good and talented people do their jobs and make the plan work—and trust them.

I think Thomas Price and Paul Ryan and others have done a great job so far at crafting this new plan and they will make it work.

The President and Vice President and the Speaker are very excited about it. So let’s do it!

If others have good ideas then they should present them, but in the end we need to trust the people we have that are putting the plan together and get out of the way! No more complaining!

Let’s show our trust and unity. Yes, let’s cheer them on and believe in them, and believe…

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