Hollywood Shows its Evil Side in Cancelling ‘Last Man Standing’

Prayer for Trump and Country

The recent canning of ‘Last Man Standing’ shows all Americans what Hollywood is up to—what their values are. Why would they dismiss a show that has such high ratings and is making Hollywood tons of money? It makes no sense—unless Hollywood has an even bigger agenda than money.

The answer is that Hollywood’s true agenda is to form the culture of America. And the culture they want is something other than what ‘Last Man Standing’ is offering.

The show is all about the last manly man trying to survive in this overly feminized world, staring a Christian conservative Tim Allen. Understandably, Tim Allen is very upset…and so should all Americans be. This world is going to the Devil and Hollywood is playing a big part in it.

Christian, watch what you watch on TV! Many things are programed by the Devil to destroy you and your Christian witness.

This info…

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