Pray for President Trump to Stay Focused

Prayer for Trump and Country

There is so many things (distractions) going on presently in our country and in the White House—things that are disturbing. Please pray that the President will be focused on doing what he can and should do, and let others do the rest. It seems that the President wants to be involved in everything and make everything right now!  But that isn’t going to happen. We all need to be more patient and focused on doing their own job.

Many of us know that there is corruption going on. The President and his administration are being wrongfully investigated while others on the other side (the Clintons, Podesta, Comey, Debbie Schultz) are ignored.  And this is what is frustrating the President and it should be frustrating for everyone.

Justice is not being done!!

So pray that God would swiftly carry out His justice on all those who are guilty. Our country cries…

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