The Coming Millennial Kingdom: A Book Summary

Studying Bible Prophecy

Surprise! Here is another book I just finish. Actually, I wrote it at the same time as I wrote Biblical Evidence of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. This book is a bit shorter than the other book, consisting of an introduction and nine chapters.


Here I explain that for a proper study of the millennium it is important to use the correct method of study, which is the literal method, as opposed to the allegorical method. I then proceed to give a short history of how the church has viewed the millennium through the centuries: at first they held to a pre-millennial view, using the literal method of study; then, as they began to distrust the literal method, three different views arose: the spiritual view, the post-millennial view, and the a-millennial view. This sadly is the view that is most predominate today—and of course is why this study is so…

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