Why the Democrats Were So Resistant To the SOTU Address

Pray that the Democrats would stop resisting God.

Prayer for Trump and Country

Though President Trump gave an excellent SOTU address, everyone noticed that none of the Democrats (except Joe Manchin a couple times) stood and applauded anything he said.  In fact 12 Dems didn’t attend and some of them wore all black as a sign of protest.  It seems clear that no matter what the President would have said they would have resisted against it.

Here are a few of the accomplishments the President reported on the SOTU, and for none of these things the Dems stood and applauded.

  • Many new jobs
  • Unemployment at an all-time low
  • The stock market way up
  • Almost 100% of ISIS defeated
  • Our motto is “In God we trust”

And there are many more good things the President spoke about, which all the Republicans stood for and applauded.

Now the question is why? Why are the Democrats so resistant to anything Trump says or does? They all…

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