Looking back at Billy Graham’s Life from His Autobiography – Part 3

Prayer for Trump and Country

To honor Billy Graham’s life I am reposting these articles I wrote back in 2013, having to do with his prayer life. Enjoy.

 50 Prayer Experiences: from Billy Graham’s Autobiography, Just As I Am – Part 3

Posted on February 18, 2013 by Stephen Nielsen

This is my review of Billy Graham’s autobiography in terms of his prayers. In this third part we will cover the span of time from 1950 to 1954, when Billy preached in over 40 places (I counted over 30 places in America and 10 places in Europe).

Part 3
1950 – 1954

  1. Billy Graham took the time to get to know and minister to all the U. S. presidents. In the 50’s it was present Eisenhower. He recalled how he prayed for him when he was sick and how he had the opportunity to confirm with him the gospel and the precious promises of salvation…

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2 Responses to Looking back at Billy Graham’s Life from His Autobiography – Part 3

  1. Genet says:

    Sixteen years ago, before I got saved, I used to listen to him via radio and watch him calling people to get up and come. The more I listened and watched him ,the more I wanted to know about God/ Jesus Christ. Although I was brought up in a very religious, Christian family, went to church every day, week, I didn’t not know God /Christ. Thank you and may you test in peace.

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