Pelicans on the Mississippi River in Minnesota

Seeing God in Nature

I felt so fortunate to see so many beautiful white Pelicans the other day. They were floating on the Mississippi River, just north of the Coon Rapids Dam, in Minnesota.

The American white pelican is one of Minnesota’s largest birds, with a length of 1.2-1.8 m (3.9-5.9 ft.) and a wingspan of 2.4-2.9 m (7.8-9.5 ft.). The bird’s size, white plumage, black wing tips and outer secondaries, and large, orange bill distinguish it from any other species. Although the pelican is awkward on land, it is graceful in flight.

Compared to the Trumpeter Swan

The American white Pelican and the trumpeter swan are about equal in size and weight and probably the two largest birds found in Minnesota. According to their published descriptions, the pelican is about 10 inches longer, but the wingspan of the swan is about 6 inches longer.

I feel so blessed by the Lord to have…

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2 Responses to Pelicans on the Mississippi River in Minnesota

  1. they are beautiful and fun to watch as they go fishing

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