How to Identify A Never Trumper

Prayer for Trump and Country

It seems very odd that no matter what President Trump has done for the country, no matter how well the country is doing, and how happy most people are (with more jobs and lower taxes, etc.), Republican never Trumpers are just that. They will never be for Trump no matter what he does or what shape the country is in. Why? Because they just plain don’t like him as a President. Here are three things that never Trumpers are looking for in a President:

  • Someone who has the appearance of moral and intellectual superiority. They don’t care much about what he does for the country. It is all about appearance.
  • Someone who is part of the political establishment and who looks the part of a President in their eyes, and does what is expected of a President—who has plenty of experience in the political field.
  • Someone who has a global…

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