Trump’s 10 Impeachable Offenses: A Response

Please pray over this and pray that people will see the weakness in these charges. And much of it is false accusations (lies) and mere opinions.

Prayer for Trump and Country

Here are the famous 10 impeachable offenses. But I think they are all quite a joke and have no validity. My rebuttal is in bold red. And I’m sure there could be much more said. I didn’t comment on every point, but it seems that whoever wrote this worked really hard at finding offenses. Most of this is just someones opinion, nothing you can prove. It sounds like they got most of it from media sources (not reliable sources).

Source taken From: Need to Impeach

  1. Obstructing Justice
  • The trail of evidence starts with Trump’s attempt to get Comey to drop an investigation into National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. I don’t think he attempted with any force; he just suggested it.
  • When he refused, Trump fired James Comey, the FBI director responsible for overseeing the investigation into Trump’s relationship with Russia during the 2016 election. There was many reasons why…

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