3 Reason Why There Will Never Be True Peace Between Israel and Muslim Nations

Pray for peace in the middle east and pray for Jews and Muslim to find true peace in Jesus.

Prayer for Trump and Country


There has been talk lately about peace initiatives between Israel and the Palestinians. But it will never work, and here is why:

1. All true Muslims reject Israel’s claim to their land promises by God. They say…

  • The original Bible (the word of God) was corrupted by devious Jews and Christians. Any parts that disagree with the Quran they say have been corrupted.
  • They say that the Arab nations through Ishmael are the rightful heirs to the promises made to Abraham.

2. According to Muslim law the Jewish occupation of Israel (gained in 1948) is illegitimate. Why? Because the land was once occupied by Muslims—Allah gave the land to them. And according to Islamic law, “Any territory that was at some time ‘opened’ by a legitimate Islamic authority cannot revert to a non-Islamic authority.” Therefore, they say that by that law of Allah the land cannot be allowed…

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