We should rejoice that the evil Soleimani is dead

Prayer for Trump and Country

Here we see the Iraqis dancing in the Streets of Baghdad over the death of Soleimani.  And rightly they should. The evil man is dead and they are more safe. And even America is safer. He should have been killed long ago. He is responsible for the death of Millions of good people.

I read in my Saint Paul paper today how for Iran he was a great commander and “a cultural icon who represented national pride and resilience while facing US sanctions.” Well, maybe for some he was. But I think for the good people of Iran he was EVIL. And they are glad to be rid of him. Let all the world REJOICE!

I praise God and thank President Trump for the the just action he took in killing him. And just government has the authority of God to bring this action against evil doers. In Romans 13:4…

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