The Results of Praying with Importunity


The one obvious result, of course, will be that we will see more answers to prayer, and we will experience the great joy in the Lord that follows (Jn. 16:24).  But there are also other results.  Here are three things that I can think of:


Importune Prayer will become Easier

The more you pray with importunity, the easier it will be to continue to pray with importunity. Not that importune prayer is ever easy, but the first few experiences of it will tend to pave the road and make the way smoother for more and more importune prayer.  For when you have that prayer experience behind you, you will have gained the insight that makes your prayers more importunate.

Accordingly, with this experience, you will pray with more patience and strength, and with more ability to press on in prayer, even when it seems hopeless.  You will have developed more passion for others, and your prayers will be more energized by the Holy Spirit.  You won’t get discouraged in prayer as much as you use to, and you will have more discipline in keeping your regular prayer times.  Over all, you will naturally pray with more intensity and heart.


Friendships are Strengthened

When you pray for your friends with importunity you will always strengthen your friendship with them—prayer always tends to deepen relationships. But the most exciting part of praying for friends is the fact that we not only deepen our friendships with them, we also, at the same time, strengthen our friendship with God; for God loves all people and He loves it when we befriend each other.


We will become more Christ-like

Waiting and trusting in God with importunity is what Jesus did His whole life. When we practice importune prayer we are living and praying as Christ did.

Moses was a great example too.  Wesley Duewel writes: “Moses’ eighty days of communion and intercession, the last forty of which included much importunate intercession, left a lifelong seal of God upon his life.  Afterwards he was a more patient, forgiving, and humble man of God than he had ever been.”7

7 Wesley Duewel, Mighty Prevailing Prayer, p. 86.


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