Vietnam: Transferred to A Village Platoon

Stephen Nielsen

This is where I stored my gear and shared meals with a Vietnamese family. It was your typical bamboo hutch. I never slept here though. Every night we went on night patrols, and that is where we slept–under the stars.

The more I thought about what was going on down below in the village—how they were under attack every night from the Vietcong (Communist guerillas)—the more I wanted to be down there to help out. And I have to admit that it wasn’t just my compassion and good will showing; it was also my desire to fight. I had been in Vietnam for almost six months and I hadn’t been in a good battle yet. I wanted more out of that war. Maybe I was guilty of being too aggressive and a war monger. But then, I think God has gifted some of us with that war-like desire—in order to…

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2 Responses to Vietnam: Transferred to A Village Platoon

  1. meghanewhite says:

    I am enjoying all of your stories about your time in Vietnam and you’ve got some great pictures too.

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