Boogaloo: Terrorism in Minnesota

Stephen Nielsen

If you have been hearing that the George Floyd protest is more that just local concerned people, here is proof. I read today in my morning newspaper, the Pioneer Press, how Federal authorities in Minnesota caught up with two young men, Michael Solomon from New Brighton, MN, and Benjamin Teeter from North Carolina, who are part of a radical anti-government terrorist group called Boogaloo, and were operating within the George Floyd protest group, or, you might say that they were piggy backing off of the group.

Generally speaking, this group is a loosely organized anti-government movement with the goal of starting a second American Civil war. And their method is to invade protest groups—wherever they find them—and then stir up the group to riot.

According to Wikipedia, their beliefs are not all the same. Some of them absolutely condemn racism, but others within the same group are white supremacists…

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5 Responses to Boogaloo: Terrorism in Minnesota

  1. LightWriters says:

    🙏🙏🙏 for Minnesota. These are well funded criminal groups—-I heard Kamala H speaking with a late night tv host and couldn’t believe she was smiling and stating boldly that if DJT wins the election there will be much more rioting—- the left are funding and doing this around the world but if they can destroy America, it’s their #1 ‘ticket’ to establishing the New World Order. Watching Rudy Giuliani’s YT channel recently, he spoke of a global ‘mafia’ at work to destroy civil societies. Many on the left have been part of the ‘plan’… follow the $$$…

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