Americans: Do Not Concede to a Fraudulent Election

Stephen Nielsen

I was energized this morning when I read a few tweets by faithful Americans.


We the people refuse to concede to a fraudulent election.

Evan Kilgore

There is a difference between not having the evidence and not hearing the evidence.

Yes, I agree. I am tired of hearing that there is not any real evidence of voter fraud. There are mounds and mound of evidence of voter fraud. The problem is, the judges will not take the time hear all the evidence. They are unconcerned. They don’t have the time. Or they don’t think that it will be enough evidence to make a difference. Well, good grief. Judges, just do your job. If there was any fraud committed, it should be dealt with, and prosecuted.

Sidney Powell

This “election” was stolen from the voters in a massive fraud… American elections are supposed to be completely auditable and transparent. We…

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