Mars Photos

Stephen Nielsen

This looks like Death Valley desert. I see rover tracks.

Landscape on the planet Mars. View on planet earth in the distance.

Very cool!

One of our Mars rovers.

Blue rocks. I would love to collect some of those.

Where did all these rocks come from?

Overall, I would sure like to visit and look around, but not for long.

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5 Responses to Mars Photos

  1. LightWriters says:

    I wonder—- since there is no light out in space, how do they get these photos (!?!) 😋 (I am with you—no need to visit Mars—but don’t mind seeing it way far off in the night sky from our beautiful planet 🌎).

    • why do you say there is no light in space? Doesn’t Mars get the same light we do from the sun? Or am I missing something.

      • LightWriters says:

        I understand there is light, yes but not as we have in earth where it is because of our atmosphere that we see the stars ‘twinkling’ as I understand it. Plus I find the Mars images rather odd— the sky ‘red’ etc., I guess I am a skeptic about space voyages, even though many years ago I had the privilege of interviewing US Colonel James Irwin, who said he brought a rock back from the moon 🌝 …I was still skeptical. Just my nature I guess. I suppose my thinking is that since their is no gravity — how do you land ‘vehicles’ or walk in these places? My science knowledge is limited, but logically it makes no sense (to me). 🤔

      • Thanks. Obviously, you have thought about it more than me.

      • LightWriters says:

        Mostly I think it’s a convenient distraction from far more important things on our planet so I get a big peeves with all the hype.

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