Moving Toward A Different America: More Transgenderism, Less Christianity

Stephen Nielsen

I was listening to a conversation between Newt Gingrich and Tucker Carlson today, and the question came up as to why Biden and the Democrats want to hurt America, because everything the Dems want will hurt this country in measurable ways. For instance, why are they letting in illegals without any health checks? Many of them would or have tested positive for covid-19; we know that. Newt Gingrich said that they want a different America, that they despise America the way it is. They want an America with more transgenderism and with less Christianity. They want a socialist America, not a capitalistic America.

It sounds to me that they want to spend lots of money on whatever they want, like more marijuana, etc. And it sure seems like America (and the World) is sinking into what it once was before the flood, when “every intent of the…

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1 Response to Moving Toward A Different America: More Transgenderism, Less Christianity

  1. LightWriters says:

    Troubling realities. And what most disturbs me about all of this is just how easily and swiftly evil forces around us continue to get away with these horrible atrocities. There’s no end to it.

    Then I go back to God’s Word and realize that the prophetic book of Daniel 12 is coming alive before my eyes, also the book of Revelation, and other prophetic words of God. It’s all coming together. As the Lord said it would happen, we are witnessing worldwide today the great falling away of many in Christendom, and a tsunami of untold levels of lawlessness, rebellion, deception, lies, robbery, idolatry, demon worship, and gross sinfulness, all foretold about the last days in the Bible, and just as God’s Word warned. (2 Timothy 3; Revelation 9)

    “…for as it was in the days of Noah…so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man…” (Matthew 24:37)

    In Matthew, Mark and Luke, our Lord prophesied about the fig tree (Israel being replanted in her own land) and told us plainly that the generation that saw all these things occurring would see His Return. Did we believe it? Perhaps not, yet now we are living in the midst of it, what is our response? I find it incredibly amazing that our great God has ordained for us to live at this epic end of the ages.

    And I think what is my response and responsibility? Is it not having done all to ‘stand’ (Ephesians 6: 10) and to humbly do as His people have always done—-to fight the good fight of faith, to care for and help those in need or distress, to go to the highways and byways? Is it not to love and seek to win the lost, to pray without ceasing, and joyfully lift up our heads, for our glorious redemption draws near? (Romans 8:19) Yes. Amen. God’s calling has not changed. May we know His grace and be as stars shining bright and brighter until the full light of Day. God-speed, God’s keeping, shalom. 🕊

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