The State, National, and World-Wide Prayer Ministry

These are large and far-reaching ministries, but I think they are just as important as the others.  God wants us to prayer for all people, far as well as near.  This is how these prayer ministries may be designed.

They may operate through the following avenues:

Magazines and newspapers.  There are a few good Christian magazines and newspapers out there that focus on prayer.  I get Herald of His Coming, which is jam packed with articles on prayer and it also provides the reader with about eight or ten News Briefs with prayer requests from various countries.  I think newspapers and magazines like this one is an excellent way to recruit prayer ministry members, provide the reader with world-wide prayer requests, and to keep him or her motivated to pray.

A prayer letter.  A letter may be mailed to all magazines and newspapers subscribers.  Its purpose will be to invite them to be a prayer ministry team member, to inform them of key prayer requests, to interest them in books and materials, and of course to encourage them to pray.

Websites and e-mails.  These will also be a valuable means to recruit new members and to pass on prayer information and requests.

Conferences.  Not many in a worldwide prayer ministry will be able to attend a conference, but those who do attend will always be blessed and encouraged. I suggest churches and ministries raise money to send key leaders to conferences. Leaders always need the encouragement that conferences provide.

They will have the following prayer requests:

  • For state and national leaders and their governments, that they would lead wisely according to God’s will.
  • For missionaries.
  • For church and ministry groups.
  • For people groups that are struggling to survive.  This would include all those in third world countries, and especially those who suffer from a lack of food and water, and from natural disasters.
  • For all who are persecuted for their Christian faith and that are oppressed by those over them.

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