Setting Up a New Global Religion

Stephen Nielsen

I am well on my way through my book, The Tribulation (no subtitle yet). What I have written here (below) was for the first chapter; I wrote that a while ago. I’m actually on the third chapter now—on the different personalities in the Tribulation. And I’m learning as I go. Well anyway, pray for me in my writing and stay tuned. I will be submitting these bible prophecy posts about once a week.

Setting Up a New Global Religion

After the Rapture of the Church and Leading up to the Tribulation, along with the frenzied effort made to set up a new global government, there will also be an urgent effort to establish a new global religion. In fact, from the start, the new government and the new religion will work together as one. Though the Antichrist and the new false religious system (called the harlot in Scripture) are constantly…

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