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I have been thinking lately about the subject of African American Slavery. What an evil thing it is to enslave another person and to treat them so badly. It’s hard to understand. For a while now I’ve been thinking about reading and writing on the subject–just mainly to try to understand it, how it was. I found a textbook entitled, The African American Experience: A History. It’s quite informative and I’m learning a lot. I’m planning on blogging through it. So far I have these ten topics:

  1. Slavery in Africa.
  2. European involvement in slavery.
  3. Slavery moves to America. Why?
  4. Slave ships
  5. Why black slave were preferred over others
  6. What was the white man’s attitude toward black slaves? Racism.
  7. The process of slave trading.
  8. How were the slaves generally treated?
  9. Why was there such a great demand for slaves in America, especially in the south?
  10. Slaves fight back.

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